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Year 5 Shakespeare

By 27 March 2024No Comments

In our rendition of “Romeo & Juliet, ” where two teenage members of the families, Romeo (Montague) and Juliet (Capulet), fall in love at a party, but have to keep it a secret because of their feuding families. All the action unfolding against a backdrop of impulsivity and 80s music. Performed in just under the “one hour of traffic” promised in the prologue, it hurtles towards it’s tragic end.

Within our year five joint production, the characters are in colourful trendy costumes and their decisions are made in the heat of the moment by characters both young and old, showcasing how tragedy can stem from the pursuit of permanent solutions to fleeting dilemmas, when they pull out their knives, it is a dance to the death.

It’s fast, emotional, with lots of  movement and stage combat – hopefully everyone found it intensely watchable.