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Unicef – Article of the Week

By 13 March 2023April 3rd, 2023No Comments

This week we are exploring Article 35. Check out the resources below taken directly from the unicef’s activity pack for this week. To find out more please visit:

Activity 1

To stay safe, it is important that we all learn to say no when we are not comfortable with something. Read this book together and discuss having the confidence to say no when something doesn’t feel right.

Activity 2

At home, think about the following scenario. What could you do?

If you were in the park and realised you were lost, what would you do? Who can help children in this situation? Is it ever okay to speak to a stranger? How can you decide who is best to ask for help? Role play different situations.

Article 35- Governments must protect children from being abducted, sold or moved illegally to a different place in or outside their country for the purpose of exploitation.