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The Wonderful World of Computing – Nursery

By 14 October 2022October 17th, 2022No Comments

Ensuring our children are digital literate is one of the most important aspects we will teach in our current climate. In addition to technology being used in a variety of ways within the classroom,  we start introducing our computing provision to the children from Nursery.

This week, Nursery children had their first opportunity to work with Mr Allen, our computing lead. Automatically the children were able to show us how they could make a connection with technology being around them as they watched, sang and danced along to “The Action Song” from The Singing Walrus.  They were able to follow instructions given on the screen.  This led the children to demonstrate and practice their language skills while using subject specific vocabulary such as, screen, buttons, computer, keyboard and laptop.

By giving the children opportunity to use the draw, paint and pattern making features on the website, the children were able to demonstrate how confident they were at using technology as they used  the school Chromebooks which have touch-screen capabilities.  In doing so, they were showing their abilities to:

  • operate equipment;
  • use a safe part of the internet to play and learn;
  • use simple software to make something happen;
  • independently make choices about the buttons and icons they wanted to press, touch and click on;
  • move objects around on a screen;
  • create shapes and patterns;
  • use technology to show their learning;
  • be kind to each other by learning together and sharing or turn-taking with the use of the equipment;
  • taking care of the equipment they were using.

In future sessions, the children will be encouraged to think about how to keep themselves safe when they are using technology, be able to describe the different kinds of information that technology allows us to have access to as well as being introduced to programming a robot.  The children will also be introduced to making use of the keyboard to type their name and words they are learning.

We can’t wait to share the robot programming lesson with you!